About Us


We are glad to inform that Uday Memorial B. Ed. College is going to introduce a composite unit of D. El. Ed. (Diploma in Elementary Education) in the session 2017-2019. We are thankful for the support of each & every individual. The college is co-educational and the course D. El. Ed. is of 2 years and having 100 seats (Two Units) in each academic year. Uday Memorial B. Ed. College was established on 2012. It is affiliated to Ranchi University, Ranchi and recognised by National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) for B. Ed. Course and Under Jharkhand Academic Council, Ranchi and recognised by National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) for D. El. Ed. Course. The college is run and managed by Uday Memorial Charitable & Welfare Trust founded in the year 2008.

The College is co-educational and at present capacity of 100 students for each academic year in D. El. Ed. Course and 100 students for each academic year in B. Ed. Course. Uday Memorial B. Ed. College which began as a smart building today possess an efficient infrastructure which and well lit Classrooms, Separate Girls and Boys Common Room, Art and Craft Resource Centre, Music Resource Centre, Health and Physical Resource Centre, Science and Mathematics Resource Centre, ICT Resource Centre, Psychology Resource Centre, Language Lab., Library, Seminar Room, Multipurpose Hall and Spacious Ground.

The College has a well-stocked library possessing a rich collection of books and journals that cover the D. El. Ed. & B. Ed. syllabus as well as reference book in various subjects.

At Uday Memorial B. Ed. College the environment is holistic, the relation of faculties and student teachers are friendly and very supportive. We consider parents as important stakeholders in our attempt to provide quality and varied skill building techniques among students so that they learn to be happy and caring individual as well as committed citizens of India and the World at large.

At Uday Memorial B. Ed. College student teachers play a very important role in a student’s life. It’s a teacher who guides a student through his or her career. So it is very significant to be adequately equipped with resources that will teach a person about teaching and the different aspects associated with it.

The National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) of Education Research and Training has been given different types of
work covering approximately all aspect of teaching education and quality improvement in teaching education.

The National Policy on Education (1986) (1992) and it revised version (2014) say that the teachers reflect the socio-culture philosophy of a society situated in the vicinity of Ranchi University, Ranchi.

Vision & Mission

We realize that education is fundamental for the complete development of individuals. As a premier teaching institute, we endeavor to harness this inherent potential through meeting the growing needs of higher technical education. As we grow, we will expand into new technologies, methodologies, disciplines, resources
and even attitudes.

To achieve this Uday Memorial B. Ed. College will ensure the highest quality of faculty, resources and infrastructure. These will be structured with a focus on academic excellence and versatility in approach that will meet the ever-increasing needs of the students. Supporting this is the institute’s commitment to education. This will encourage and assure student in their pursue of knowledge. All this is reflection of the Institute responsibility to build a society that is vibrant and growing through knowledge sharing and enhancing.

Our Vision

We envisage our students to :

  • Academic integrity and accountability.
  • Imbibe right attitudes, value, ideas & ideologies.
  • Achieve academic excellence through hard work, critical thinking & effective decision making.
  • Facilitate learning among the people through appropriate skill & methodologies.
  • Exercise responsible leadership in the total formation of the pupils.
  • Render selfness service to the community.
  • Sincerity, dedication & team work.
  • Activities that promote public good, democratic principles of freedom and justice.

Our Mission

  • To trained the students through innovative instructional techniques & steer towards higher thinking.
  • To provide experience-based learning for multifaceted development.
  • To set standards for professional preparation of educational leaders.
  • To foster innovative and responsible integration of technology in education.
  • To instill the spirit of inquiry through research.
  • Imparting & creating new knowledge.
  • Inspires the students for lifelong learning and for reaching the unreached.
  •  All round development of the students and enhancement of employment potential in student.

Our Objective

  • To prepare committed teacher for Nation.
  • To offer an all round training i.e. mental, physical, cultural, moral and spiritual.
  • To help the student teachers to advance in their knowledge in their chosen subjects for the secondary school training..
  • To use their experience of the training while they are in their teaching profession.
  • To help them to do the thing in time and to develop the punctuality.
  • To create a feeling of equality.
  • To be positive in their attitude and approach.
  • To be the future pillars and the leaders in the society.
  • To lead the society and the country towards development.
  • To create the feeling of nationalism and the unity of the country.
  • To make them understand the importance of environment.