IQAC Alumni Feedback

    Instruction: Read the following statements carefully and put a tick (✔) in the appropriate option

    (01) The curriculum is designed to enhance teaching skill and potentiality to become a global leader.

    (02) The curriculum is considering the social needs.

    (03) The curriculum has led to the best use of teaching aids.

    (04) Curriculum is situated to enhance the imagination, creativity and uniqueness of the students.

    (05) The framed curriculum has been satisfied the need of students expectation.

    (06) The curriculum has flexibility in choosing the electives in relation to technology advancement.

    (07) The design of curriculum of the courses supports self learning.

    (08) The course contents are true representative of the current competencies in a global stage./p>

    (09) The syllabus content of courses increase the learning burden on the students.

    (10) Curriculum has the ability of developing professional ethics and spirit among students.