Women Cell

Women empowerment and gender equality are the most important requirements for the upliftment and progress of our Nation. To make Uday Memorial B. Ed. College a strong Kernel of gender sensitization the women development cell was constituted in date 30-07-2016, Saturday under the able convenorship of chairperson. The cell has both the faculty and students of the college as its members and works with an aim to create a gender sensitized community within campus as well in the society. It has been organizing vried academic, medical, technical, cultural and social events for the upliftment of women and spread the real importance of gender equality in the society through the college students.


  • Living in a particular society with deep rooted and socio-cultural value of male susperority, the objective of the cell is the help build an egalitarian society.
  • Helping female students live a balanced life where they neither lurk into depression nor take the abode of aggression.
  • To stress upon the development of women in every sphere.
  •  To organize events and activities for women empowerment.
  • To create an environment that will help women realize their full potencial and give their best.


  • Molding and enlightening the young minds and pave their way to grow into balanced and better human beings.


  • To encourage female students to be selfreliant and economically independent.
  • To instill positive sell-esteem and confidence in the female students so that they can take the right decision in and for their lives.
  • Spreading awareness among the student about the social, legal and constitutional rights of women in order to prevent the exploitation based on gender.
  • Making female cognizant about different kinds of violence: sexual, physical and mental to further equip them with the knowledge and strength to fight against them.
  • Creating awareness about the need of gender equality.
  • Providing equal career opportunities to all the genders.
  • Eliminating deep rroted beliefs of gender bias and discrimination.

Future plans:

  • To help battling examination stress, the cell is planning to provide madeical facilties like counseling sessions and psychologist visits in the college.
  • The cell is working hard for the crèche facility, which would be provided to teachers where they can leave their kids in the day care facility without having to worry about them.
  • A meditation centre will be established to deal with the e everyday stress and anxieties of the female students.
  • For a healthy and fit life yoga camps and aerobics classes will also be organized by the cell.
  • To spread the importanve and ways for women empowerment and gender equality various talks, workshops and events wii be organized. These programmes will also provide a platform to female students to understand their unexplored skills and talents.
  • To start a short term course on gender and law with objective of increasing awareness about myths and taboos.


Dr. Chandan Kumar PankajPrincipal (Chairperson)
Mrs. Alka KumariCoordinator
Mrs. Punam Kullu 
Ms. Salma Tudu