The aim of the guidance and counselling cell is to enable students to achieve optimally and adjust adequately in their lives by enhancing their coping skills, promoting effective decision making and improving their interpersonal relationships.  It strives to boost students’ academic, social, emotional, and personal development.

It also offers psychological counselling services on request and works in coordination with the placement cell to solve career related problems. It helps to match the vocations with the mental makeup of the students and makes them realize their latent potential. It encourages the students to know their worth and guides them to resolve their problems using a positive approach thereby making them emotionally strong to face life’s challenges. Counsellors assess the problem areas that need to be addressed and suggest improvements by conducting individual counselling sessions. They offer support through active listening, empathetic understanding, and non-judgemental & timely responses to facilitate positive behavioural changes among the students.


  • Providing the needed information and assistance.
  • Helping in individual to make wise choices.
  • Improve the understanding of self.
  • Facilitate the adjustment.
  • Helps in adapting to the changes or new environment.
  • Making self sufficient and independent.
  • Efficient use of capabilities and talent.
  • Balanced physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual growth.
  • Helps in overall development and to live productive life.